I knew he was fucking her.

I’m glad it wasn’t a bad day, I didn’t give a fuck enough to even cry about it.

But I knew.

If you asked me about that man, I’d say:

He is always going to be exactly the same.

His dead uncle once said to me, “Avoidance is his middle name”.

And he will never commit to anything or anyone, period.

Earlier today I was wondering why people in break ups always try to “win” somehow.

And I was thinking how literally no one ever wins, it’s always just so sad.

Cause it could have been different for he and I.

Honestly, we could have had an amazing life.

I “loved everything about him”.

I was so naive, I knew nothing true about him.

And in the end.

Nobody won.

We both lost.

That’s okay though.

I’m lucky to have even survived him.

I was always honest.

I never wanted to play games.

And that’s all he’s ever known.

Is how to cheat and lie and avoid ever answering for any consequences.

He devoured and nearly destroyed me.

Then quickly moved on to the next life to fuck over and heart to crush.

Although I do hope he finds whatever he’s looking for.

Or comfort from whatever he’s grieving.

I have peace knowing now he’ll always be a stranger.

I never want to be anything like him.

I never want anyone like that in my life again.

I hope fucking her was worth losing me.

Thanks, Girl! He’s all yours!


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