It’s that first spirit deep sigh.
After a heartbreaking fight.
That makes you realize.
She doesn’t care anymore.
She doesn’t love you anymore.
She doesn’t have the strength anymore.
A sigh so loud and clear.
As if she’s been holding back her breath for an eternity.
Not anymore.
With your backs to each other, she whispers, softly, sweetly, “I’m sorry.”
And then through the darkness you hear tears dancing across her face to the seductive music of the silence.
A sigh so tireless.
Now she’ll never clear her mind enough for peaceful sleep.
Can’t even be in the room with you.
Can’t even cry with you near her.
She never used to drink, not like this.
But things change, life changed her.
She drowns out the sadness of her soul with each crack of a bottle, sinking.
Slowly but surely, she knows.
Eventually, she’ll be drunk on old memories and a false sense of happiness.
Or maybe it just reminds her she was happy once upon a time.
A reluctant, sleepy sigh.
A release of all she’s been pretending to be.
Maybe letting it go makes her finally feel free.
Her heart hurts.
You hurt her.
But she’s tired.
It’s that last spirit deep sigh.
Before she finally closes her eyes.
She doesn’t love you anymore.

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