It is strange to me how I can look back to a specific moment and remember exactly how it changed me.


I remember the first time I associated your name with the feeling love.

I remember how amazing it felt to love you for the first time.

Yet crushing to know excruciating heartbreak was also inevitable.

As inevitable as falling in love with you was.

I wonder if it helped to have known it was coming.

I can honestly say it doesn’t hurt any less than being blindsided.

Inevitable is such a strange thing to know.

Such a bold statement, such a bold feeling.

I knew I was going to love you.

I also knew someday I would have to learn how to stop loving you.

And I told myself a million times not to do it.

Knowing how painful loving and losing you would be.

Inevitably, I still chose to love you.

I always knew, I think, that this would be one of my most favorite love stories.

While also knowing this would be one of my most deepest heartbreaks.

Inevitable. Is a strange feeling.

Today is the day we said “Goodbye” to each other.

Even though neither one of us actually said it.

I will never say goodbye to you.

In my heart, I will always say, I love you.

I had hoped to say that out loud for the rest of my life.

But nothing has ever been more inevitable.

Than the fact that you will never choose me.

And this is over.

I love you.

♥️ -Katie Roze

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