To The Person Who Sees Me

Thank you for seeing me.
This is hard to do.
To have pain and anger.
Yet choose courage and strength.
To come here all alone.
I don’t blend in or stand out.
I’m familiar enough but too little recognized.
So people don’t usually even see me.
Which is fine, the indifference is mutual.
I wrote an honest note, and hoped for a miracle.
You saw me and you loved me.
I needed that more than you’ll ever know.
No one ever sees me the way you did.
I’m not sure you’ll ever understand how peaceful and comforting that felt.
Then you continued to say hello to me.
Thank you.
I hope to see people the way you do.
A little bit more like Him.
Thank you… For seeing me.
Please, keep praying for me.
Don’t ever let me go.

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