Honey, I Am Home

Multitudes of universes.
It feels like I’ve been searching and fighting through infinite space and time.
To finally burst out of aimless wandering through oblivion.
And miraculously crash into each other.
As if we’ve been repeating endless numbers of lifetimes and versions of existence.
Knowing that if we didn’t find each other this time around, that we would try again in the next life.
Over and over and over again, despite impossible probability.
Overcoming all unimaginable obstacles.
In an unwavering, desperate effort to find you, touch you, hold you, keep you. Through the infinite expanses of space, and planets, and stars, and Heavens.
Across the soil, the seas, the skies, the souls of all the Earths.
And simultaneously within all dimensions of physical and spiritual reality.
My heart has searched for yours.
Honey, I am home.

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