Rest In My Arms

I want to chase the meteor showers and dance playfully in the rain

I want to stumble on adventures cherishing all the Joy and pain

I want to curiously listen and to hear what others have to say

I want to learn from all their stories and my own mistakes along the way

I want to follow in my Father’s footsteps and always serve my fellow man

I want to remember and be humbled that not all are blessed as I am

I want to hear my mom and dad tell stories of struggle and conquering the odds

I want to cling to Hope and Salvation, giving all the Glory to God

Sometimes when things get messy, frustrating or just not fun

People tend to be so selfish, blame, argue, fight and run

I want to be the exception, breaking curses starts with me

I want to stand up for what I believe in, be brave and wild and free

But when the storm is roaring, it seems there’s no hope to be seen

I will tread with you until it passes, please know I’ll never leave

I want contentment with the journey and Peace within my soul

I want to reach back for the others and grasp tightly to Faith and Hope

I pray for true forgiveness from all those I’ve wronged or hurt

I pray for some redemption, to be washed clean of the dirt

I want to raise my beautiful children and for them to always know they’re loved

I want to kiss them on their foreheads every morning as they wake up

I want to teach my nieces and nephews about heritage and dreams

I want to convince them they can do anything, soar high with uncaged wings

I want to see and smell and touch the flowers and the Earth

I want to hold the orphan and the widow, ease their sorrow if I could

I want to have a legacy of Goodness, Discipline, and mercy

I want to never throw a stone because I’m too busy washing feet

I want to grow continually each day more in Love and Grace

I want to save all the souls I can before Heaven calls me from this place

I want to watch the sunrise in the morning with the man I love right by my side

He will hold my hand with Gentleness, have Patience and be Kind

I want to know he’ll never leave me, I want to feel cherished and adored

To have a best friend and a partner, support in growth, and be assured

A lover and a constant, in life, in health, in death

Until the sun sets lastly, casting brilliance, making shadows in it’s path

I pray I’m on a beach somewhere with a campfire and a song

Surrounded by all my grandkids laughing and singing along

And when my final night falls upon me as I stare up at the stars

I pray I showered you with love, I pray you found rest in my arms

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