You Called Me Baby

I made love to you this morning.

You didn’t know it, because it was only in my dreams.

But it wasn’t just sex this time.

Not like all the times I fantasized about you before.

It’s the first time you called me Baby.

And while trying to shove into oblivion, “feelings”, I couldn’t contain, poured out of me…

We had boundaries, to keep us safe – Gone.

We had rules – one word, they’re shattered.

Promised I wouldn’t love you – I’ve changed my mind now.

It all means more now.

“Hey baby” = “I love you”.

“Good morning baby” = “I love you”.

“Sweet dreams baby” = “I love you”.

“I miss you baby” means, “I love you”.

You can’t have it both ways:

(1) call me baby and beautiful, tell me you miss me, and have feelings for each other, but…

(2) we’re still nothing, it’s meaningless, that’s bullshit.

I never lost sleep over you before.

Now I lie awake for hours with my torturous wondering.

Until finally submitting to sweet haunting dreams of you.

Why did you have to call me that, Baby?

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