Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness; it’s what we search for in every aspect of our lives

We work for it, hurt for, love for it, break down when we lose the fight for it

People can’t let you just be happy

They wreck you, try to control you, steal it from you, and cheat you out of your victory

When we find it, it’s only temporary, for permanent happiness is too good to be true

It hides behind lies, it dwells in the truth, it’s found under, over, beside, and behind every turn, every corner of life… But never completely captured

Happiness is the laughter when you don’t even want to smile

We know it’s true when without it we’re never content

It’s real when it hurts so bad to lose it that we’d rather not go on living if we can’t have it back

We’d fight and we’d lie all the way through our lives, just for a small, sweet taste of it

A chance in a million is worth these millions of tears

Am I allowed never to be happy in my pursuit of happiness?

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