Ghosts That Haunt Me

Like unwanted visitors appearing in my dreams,

waking me in the earliest hours of morning.

Memories of footsteps or voices or trauma.

Flashbacks of moments long and forcibly forgotten

haunt me like glowing eyes in the dark.

A fist raised in anger like the burning of my skin

when the hair rises on the back of my neck in your presence.

Reaching through your soulless being

in a selfish attempt to grasp and devour what’s left of me.

My light will not be dimmed under the shadow of your darkness.

I will not be dragged to hell by your cold, heartless hands.

I refuse to fear you.

Your hollowness cannot consume my wholeness,

even the best attempts have failed.

I command this space to remain holy

and demand you never return.

I’ve shut the door and denied you entry.

You do not belong nor are you welcome here any more.

Go away. Go away from me.

You are nothing to me but empty, lifeless, gone.

I’ve fought near to the death against your chaos and certain destruction.

I’ve treaded in despair, barely choking hope from my drowning lungs.

I’ve held tightly to Joy and Peace

until my fingers bled from the grip of desperate survival.

And I will never let go.

I will never again sit silently

while my spirit extinguishes within my shackled bones.

“I wanna live!”, My soul screamed,

sparking flames from my final drop of sanity and last morsel of hope.

Burning no rage in my heart toward your shallow, evil existence,

but igniting fiery passion and fierce determination

to soar, thrive, and go on loving others deeply.

You’re no longer the ghost that haunts me,

no longer anything at all.

Only dead and gone. Only dead and gone.

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